The international conference New Frontiers in Structure-Based Drug Discovery  is jointly established by the European MSC Innovative Training Networks AEGIS and TASPPI at Convitto della Calza in Florence, Italy.


The meeting will run from 12:00 Mon, Sep 23 to  16:00, Wed, Sep 25, 2019



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Joint International Conference
New Frontiers in Structure-based Drug Discovery
Monday, Sep 23, 2019                             Key note lectures: 35+5 min, Talks: 15+5 min, Flash Talk: 2 min
12:45 Welcome  Michael Sattler, Christian Ottmann
  SESSION 1 – Structure- and Fragment-based Drug Discovery
Chair: Christian Ottmann
13:00 Keynote lecture: Stephen Fesik Cancer Drug Discovery Using Fragment-Based Methods and Structure-Based Design
13:40 Francesco Bosica Mg2-assisted small-molecule stabilisation of 14-3-3 Protein-Protein Interactions.
14:00 Barak Akabayov Development of antibacterial agents that target the ribosomal PTC of M. tuberculosis
14:20 Christian Griesinger Modulation of aggregating proteins studied by NMR and beyond in neuro- and cellular degeneration
14:40 Madita Wolter Drug Discovery at the Boundary of Cancer and Infection
15:00 Keynote lecture: Mike Hann ‘PhABits – shining new light on fragment approaches for assessing target tractability'
15:40 Coffee Break
  SESSION 1 – cont'd
Chair: Tomáš Obšil
16:10 João Neves Nuclear Magnetic Resonance guided screening applied to the discovery of modulators of 14-3-3 Protein-Protein Interactions
16:30 Stefan Hoerer Allosteric Activation of Striatal-Enriched Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase (STEP, PTPN5) by a Fragment-like Molecule
16:50 Keynote lecture: Edward Tate Fragment-guided discovery of an irresistible antiviral protein-protein interaction inhibitor
17:30 Flash Talks


Poster Session 1 with drinks
Tuesday, Sep 24, 2018
  SESSION 2 – Intrinsically Disordered and Amyloidogenic Proteins
Chair: Isabelle Landrieu
09:00 Keynote lecture: Birthe Kragelund Disordered Protein Complexes
09:40 Orgeta Zeijneli A VHH directed against tau as a novel therapeutic approach in tauopathies
10:00 Carlos Camacho Neuroprotection by small molecule inhibition of disordered peptide and syntaxin interaction
10:20 Coffee Break
  SESSION 3 – Chemical biology, targeting & new concepts
Chair: Alex Dömling


Keynote lecture: Alessio Ciulli Targeted Protein Degradation with Small Molecules: How PROTACs work
11:30 Felix Hausch Selective FKBP51 inhibitors enabled by transient pocket binding
11:50 Markella Konstantinidou Discovery of proteolysis targeting chimeras for leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 (LRRK2)
12:10 Nikolaos Sgourakis New tools for the analysis of polyclonal T cell repertoires using chaperone-mediated peptide exchange
12:30 Valeria Napolitano Inhibition of glycosomal protein import: the sweet death of Trypanosoma
12:50 Lunch 
  SESSION 3 – cont'd
Chair:  Alex Dömling
14:20 Keynote lecture: Michelle Arkin Chemical Biology Approaches to Understanding the VCP/p97 Protein Interaction Network
15:00 João Encarnação Bioengineering subunit B from Shiga Toxin 1 for intracellular drug delivery
  SESSION 4 – Peptides, natural products and non-small molecules
Chair: Andrew Wilson
15:20 Keynote lecture: Ora Schueler-Furman Peptide as leads for targeted inhibition of interactions – How free, how determined?
16:00 Helen Boyd Identification of a novel cyclic peptide that disrupts the homodimerization of the E3 ubiquitin ligase IDOL
16:20 Coffee Break
  SESSION 4 – cont'd
Chair: Andrew Wilson
16:50 Françoise Ochsenbein Rational Design of Peptides and Foldamers inhibiting a New Epigenetic Target in Cancer
17:10 Grzegorz Dubin Macrocycle mediated inhibition of PD-1/PD-L1 immune checkpoint
17:30 Katiuscia Pagano Design of antiangiogenic agents targeting Fibroblast Growth Factors-2/Tyrosine-Kinase Receptor
17:50 Federica De Leo Diflunisal targets the HMGB1/CXCL12 heterocomplex and blocks immune cell recruitment
18:10 Xiao-Ling Cockcroft New Paradigm for Finding Natural-product-like KRAS Inhibitors
18:30 Keynote lecture: Patricia Aducci Fusicoccin and 14-3-3 proteins, a long story from plant pathology to drug design.
Poster Session 2 
Gala Dinner
Wednesday, Sep 25, 2018
  SESSION 5 – Computational Drug Discovery
Chair: Helena Danielson
09:00 Keynote lecture: Rebecca Wade Computational Approaches to Protein Dynamics and Binding Kinetics for Drug Discovery
09:40 Marcus Gastreich Debunking a myth - Can σ-Holes Really Drive Affinity?
10:00 Alessandro Paiardini Identification of small-molecule inhibitors of the Aurora-A/TPX2 complex
  SESSION 6 – Structural biology, biophysics & methods
Chair: Michael Nilges
10:20 Sebastian Guenther Serial Crystallography for Ligand-Binding Studies
10:40 Charlotte Softley Placing fragments with lanthanide tags using paramagnetic NMR
11:00 Coffee Break
  SESSION 6 – cont'd
Chair: Michael Nilges
11:30 Claire Munier Small molecule stabilization of the GR 14-3-3 protein-protein interaction (PPI)
11:50 Daisy Paiva Because structure means function - Conformational changes in proteins measured with switchSENSE®
12:10 Charlotte Hodson Expanding Crystallographic methods for Fragment-based Drug Design
12:30 Keynote lecture: Jan Steyaert From Nanobodies to Megabodies for applications in cryo-EM
13:10 Lunch
14:40 Announcement of Posterprizes 
END/FAREWELL Michael Sattler, Christian Ottmann
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